This side of heaven is a place called “Rainbow Bridge”

When pets die, they go to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for your special friends. Here, they can run and play together. There is lots of food, water and sunshine and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to the health and vigor they once new. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. 

The animals are happy and content, except for one missing element. They miss somebody special to them ~ somebody they had to leave behind. 

The animals at Rainbow Bridge play together, eat together and cuddle together all day long. But the moment arrives for each animal when it suddenly stops and looks in the distance. The pet’s bright eyes are intent, and its body anxiously quivers. Suddenly, the animal runs from the group, flying over the tall grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You have been spotted! 

And when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in a joyous reunion, never to be parted again. Happy kisses rain upon your face and your hand gently rubs the soft fur. You look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life, but never absent from your heart. 

Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

Author Unknown

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Joey Cooperborn 06-28-1988passed 1996-04-12
Abita Blackberry Macchioborn 01-20-1997passed 2000-02-17
Dottie Cooperborn 06-28-1988passed 2000-05-15
Stella Bella Manzariborn 10-17-1989passed 2001-01-13
Phoenix Cooperborn unknownpassed 2001-01-15
Princess Dubie Radiganborn 03-1992passed 2001-07-15
Toasty Greyhoundborn 02-2000passed 2001-11-15
Blackie (non-Greyhound)born unknownpassed 2001-11-24
Mama Ginger Cooperborn 09-03-1989passed 2002-02-03
Pace “Padie” Litterelloborn 05-1993passed 2002-03-02
Mama Blue Wanningerborn 04-1989passed 2002-05-30
Coco Cooperborn 04-07-1989passed 2002-06-02
Hope “Pinstripes Glory”born 01-24-2000passed 2002-06-23
Amy Lynn Hermannborn 03-1998passed 2002-07-17
Rainbow Trakneyborn 11-1995passed 2002-08-21
Mama Valentine Albersborn 02-13-1992passed 2002-10-13
Usha Branson-Pasupatiborn unknownpassed 2003-02-02
Whitey Fordborn 07-20-1998passed 2003-02-11
Freddie Litterelloborn 06-10-1998passed 2003-12-15
Julie Hermannborn unknownpassed 2003-12-27
James Yorkborn 1994passed 2004-01-16
Susie Highborn 05-1994passed 2004-05-11
Racey Reese McGeeborn 10-1994passed 2004-05-19
Showboat Davisborn 12-02-1997passed 2004-06-14
Gracie Marie Latimerborn 03-18-1989passed 2004-06-27
Duke Cooperborn 10-03-1993passed 2004-08-15
Penny Sinkborn 1994passed 2004-08-20
Ashley Manzariborn 04-1993passed 2004-09-15
Moses Juisterborn 09-1997passed 2004-09-18
Rocky BearLitterelloborn 03/18/1995passed 2004-09-25
Fred Goldwynborn 01-02-1994passed 2004-10-10
TJ Nelsonborn 12-26-1989passed 2004-10-23
Jimbo Schivinskiborn 03-1996passed 2004-11-29
Swifty Greyhoundborn 01-25-2002passed 2005-01-06
Dottie Witterborn 05/24/1992passed 2005-04-25
Dante Baileyborn 04-06-1997passed 2005-05-10
Miss Fluffy Bennetteborn 07-30-2001passed 2005-06-04
Noah Witterborn 04-30-1994passed 2005-06-15
Dewey Evans Rileyborn 04-08-1991passed 2005-09-15
Garrett Hermann-Queenborn 03-01-1992passed 2005-10-12
Sunny Nelsonborn 07-01-1991passed 2005-10-24
Tasha Hendryborn 08-26-1999passed 2005-11-15
Ginger Zammichieliborn 11-05-1994passed 2005-11-21
Lladro Broadstoneborn 01/03/1995passed 2005-12-02
Crissy Kellerborn 08-1992passed 2006-01-06
Professor Peabodyborn 07-07-1995passed 2006-04-08
Cozzene Jason Hermannborn 08-25-1999passed 2006-05-17
Sparky Trackneyborn 04-15-1993passed 2006-06-15
Tums Squirresborn 03-06-2001passed 2006-06-20
Zorro Cooperborn 10-17-1996passed 2006-07-11
Mitzie Sinkborn 06/06/1994passed 2006-07-17
Prince Wanningerborn 01-27-1992passed 2006-09-02
Lisa Jane Forlineborn 01-16-1996passed 2006-09-11
Basil Zammichieliborn 09-25-1995passed 2006-09-29
Vinnie Pensieroborn 03-20-2000passed 2006-10-15
Nellie Collinsborn 01-12-1992passed 2006-11-01
Prince Primavera-Allenborn 11-14-94passed 2006-12-04
Catalina Squirresborn 10-19-1994passed 2006-12-22
Czar Jonessborn 09-12-1998passed 2006-12-22
Twister Cooperborn 04-08-1993passed 2006-12-30
Sallie Iemmaborn 02-26-2000passed 2007-05-01
Lady Nobleborn 06-17-2000passed 2007-06-09
Dana Primavera-Allenborn 11-24-95passed 2007-07-14
Dilettanteborn 08-29-05passed 2007-08-14
Biscuit Juisterborn 07/28/1995passed 2007-08-29
Cody Michael Hermannborn 07/01/1993passed 2007-09-14
Valentine Sinkborn 07-1995passed 2007-09-17
Dutchie Latimerborn 06/14/1996passed 2007-09-29
Beau Fawcettborn April 1996passed 2007-09-30
Dutchy Cooperborn 07/30/1996passed 2007-10-12
Adam Latimerborn 11/01/1993passed 2007-10-14
Mars Bar Hermannborn 01/31/2003passed 2007-10-19
Linny Boy Manzariborn 12-23-97passed 2007-12-10
Buddy Zalenskiborn 01-17-1996passed 2007-12-15
Soxie Lindseyborn 03-05-1997passed 2007-12-15
Jenny Rose Brunoborn 04-05-2004passed 2007-12-31
Baron Hermannborn 06-19-1994passed 2008-03-18
Kelso’s Cynthiaborn 06-24-2004passed 2008-04-14
Payne Martiniborn April 1995passed 2008-04-22
Prof. Homer Leppanenborn 05-19-1997passed 2008-05-19
Penny Lane Dloretoborn 1998-08-26passed 2008-06-12
Gator Aikeyborn 07/12/1999passed 2008-06-16
Sadie Witterborn 07/01/1997passed 2008-06-19
Baxter Zawislakborn 08/1996passed 2008-06=19
Nina Prudenteborn 08/15/2003passed 2008-07-29
Miss Carmen Millerborn 03/1994passed 2008-08-22
Spider Parsonsborn 08/2/2003passed 2008-09-02
Trigger Cooperborn 01/04/1996passed 2008-09-15
Dakota Kronseder-Voigtborn 04/22/1998passed 2008-10-22
Macarena Cooperborn 05-27-1995passed 2008-12-05
Alto Gayleborn 06-30-1996passed 2008-12-06
Rusty Cauthenborn 08-15-1992passed 2009-01-27
Chase Wanningerborn 01-11-1994passed 2009-03-05
Mama Baileyborn 08-27-1995passed 2009-03-06
Russell C. Brownborn 11-13-1995passed 2009-03-27
Kendall Latimerborn 1996-03-01passed 2009-04-04
Cleo Hollisterborn 06-25-1998passed 2009-04-08
Cleo Palermoborn 02-23-1998passed 2009-07-05
Cara Mia Farmerborn 10-24-1998passed 2009-08
Cassie Cooperborn 06-21-1994passed 2009-08-19
Sahra Maxwellborn 01-22-1995passed 2009-09-19
Twilighter Souppaborn 08-05-1996passed 2009-10-06
Daisy Maltborn 07-25-2000passed 2009-10-31
Oxy Mc Neiseborn 01-25-1997passed 2009-12
Vito Lindseyborn 05-14-1997passed 2010-01-13
Forrest Gump Makoverborn 02-12-1997passed 2010-01-20
Bebe Ritroskyborn 07-24-1997passed 2010-01-23
Cheyenne Farinaborn 04-09-1995passed 2010-01-30
Chloe Anne Schandorsky-Gavronborn 06-01-1999passed 2010-02-02
Wizard Hollisterborn 09-08-2000passed 2010-02-03
Kobe Mattoniborn 05-11-2000passed 2010-04-06
Fly Girl Leppanenborn 04-20-1998passed 2010-04-08
Abbie Hoggattborn 08-04-1997passed 2010-05
TINA ROGERSborn 05-16-1997passed 2010-07-10
QUEEN CLEOPATRA GLICKborn 03-26-1998passed 2010-07-12
Hannah Tribulasborn 02-14-1999passed 2010-08-29
Holly Millsborn 09-01-1998passed 2010-09-21
Bandit Spectorborn 12-28-1999passed 2010-09-22
Ivy Blue Hoggattborn 12-18-1999passed 2010-09-28
Rudy Squiresborn 02-10-1999passed 2010-10-05

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