Joey (GStar Joe) came into my husband’s and my life on Halloween Night ,
October 31, 1995.
All my life I wanted : a husband,
a house,
and a dog.

When Gerry, my now husband, came home to Ohio on vacation from Saudi Arabia, he met Joey.  Gerry’s family had taken Joey in after his racing career was over at the age of 4 from breaking his left hind leg.

Gerry called me and told me over the phone: “Sweetheart, I don’t have the house yet, but I have the dog for us”.

It took nearly 3 more years till we were able to take Joey in.  Joey was given to us without a manual or any info about greyhounds and everything we learned was through trial and error.

We didn’t know anything about “sighthounds” and couldn’t figure out why Joey would not come back to us when off leash, nor did we understand why he didn’t know what a frisbee was or why he did not want or know how to play tug-of-war. But we knew one thing for sure, ” We love this dog!”

He always rubbed his head on our hips and thighs when we were ready to take him out and so we named him “Joey Flipper Cooper”.   Four months after we took Joey in, I found Cynthia Branigan’s Book “Adopting the Ex Racing Greyhound”. Suddenly, it all started to come together and make sense to me.

It was one of the first nice spring days in Ohio in April 1996 on the way to the Emergency Vet when Joey suddenly died in my arms after a major heart attack. Joey’s mission on earth had been accomplished and he was called back into paradise.  His mission was to put the seed of love for these special creatures of God into my heart.

Joey made our marriage stronger
Joey taught us kindness, compassion, endurance, love, patience.
Joey taught us to give rather than to take
Joey made us laugh
Joey made us smile
Joey gave us warmth and closeness.
Joey made our house a home!

Our lifes were enriched and given a deeper purpose because of Joey’s love and memory.  This is why we dedicate our efforts in rescuing and helping all needy greyhounds in his name and those of his friends. the best site to buy replica watches online. High quality watches, unbeatable prices, and fast shipping!