Happy Endings is where we tell of the success stories of some of the Greyhound’s we have adopted out.

Charlie Whitesocks

Racing Name: JC’s Interaction
Parents Name: Dee and Bart
Date of Adoption: January 2009

Success Story: Hi Brigitte,
Thought I would update you on our boy!!! He is the HIT of our neighborhood…he has made many friends on our walks and even has one of the neighbors ready with a treat and a bowl of water when they see us coming! He loves their dog, Tucky, and gazes longingly at the house when he isn’t out to greet him. We walk a few times a week with a neighbor who has a small dog that adores Charlie! He knows what W-A-L-K means and is barking and talking until the shoes go on and even stands by the door where the leash is kept. He gets a massage after his bath with warm towels and when we are done of course… a treat! Can you tell we are loving”spoiling” him??
He has adjusted very well to our routine. So…just wanted to let you know that we are so in love with our Charlie Whitesocks and our house is once again complete with our Charlie Boy sharing it!!!
Take care and hopefully we will talk soon!

Jason and Dollar

Racing Name: JC’s Indulgance and DF’s Gold Dollar
Parents Name: Mary and Chris Brown
Date of Adoption: January 2009

Success Story: Our house just felt so lonely and quiet. Ever since our senior Greyhound girlie, Mocha, died in December, things just weren’t right. We had always talked about wanting to have 2 Greys in the house at the same time but we we’re never quite sure how to go about it. When the time felt right to open our hearts and home to a new dog, we thought, why not 2 new dogs? We were directed by a friend in Massachusetts (Robin Norton) to contact Brigitte with Joey’s Greyhound Friends, Inc. This was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with a woman (and her friends) who works tirelessly to make a better world for the Greyhounds.
We didn’t care about color, size or physical traits. Brigitte described many of the dogs they had in foster homes, specially Jason and Dollar. They had been together in the same foster home for over 6 months and were very fond of each other. We had to meet them! After a weekend trip to Cape Coral, it was decided. They were to become Jason and Dollar Brown!
Brigitte and Theresa made the long drive to us (all the way to Fernandina Beach, FL) and the boys were welcomed with open arms, balloons and plenty of home made dog treats. We wre overwhelmed by their joyful attitudes and easy going demeanor.
Fast forward a month or so.. The boys have settled in and life is so much fun! Each morning Dollar wakes up in such a silly and carefree mood. Chris and I like to think he is grateful to be in a home after being a stray. Jason on the other hand is lazier but loves to go on car rides. They both love meal times and walks. Both love their bellies rubbed and love to give and get kisses. Currently my husband is deployed on a submarine and these boys are helping me to keep a positive attitude. They are just so much fun to be with. They have added such joy to our lives. We are blessed to have these 2 beautiful souls in our home.
If you are thinking of adding a Grey to your home, you ‘ve come to the right place.
Mary Brown


Racing Name: Dt’s Royalty
Parents Name: Brigitte and Gerry Cooper
Date of Adoption: 02-14-2006

Success Story: We received a call from a Veterinarian down in Estero, he wanted to know whether we would take in a senior greyhound who is not wanted by her owner any longer. I told him that, of course, we take in old greyhounds, because they are like good expensive wine… THEY GET BETTER WITH AGE!…
The adopter had Cassie for over 8 years, he is “down sizing” and has no more time for her and the original adoption group (Second Chance for Greyhounds) refused to take her back since the dog is old (11 1/2 years). So the adopter wanted her euthanized,but luckily the vet couldn’t do it and called us. My husband agreed to let me “foster her” (ha ha ha). The moment I laid my eyes on Cassie, I was in love! She was run down, had toe nails 1 inch long, had a horrific flea dermatitis and was naked from the chest down, had watery allergy eyes, beet red feet and gunky ears,BUT-she also had a gray heartshaped face, eyes to die for, floppy ears, one up, one bend down and spunk in her eyes and in her expression, I just knew, we are in for a treat!After a vet visit and some blood work she went home with me to receive her “A new beginning bath”.
We must have drowned dozens of fleas this day and that was our bonding experience. After that she met our bunch:
– Twister, Zorro, Trigger, Macarena and Heidi. Heidi must have thought Cassie is on her last leg because the Diva of the house was not threatened and welcomed her. This was over 3 years ago.
Cassie has become the sunshine of my life!!! She overcame neglect, a life long struggle with bad allergies, fleas, a tail that needed ampuation,loosing several of her fourlegged partners or siblings, and she is still here with us.
She is struggeling with renal failure ( 3 pills a day)high blood pressure (2 pills) heart failure (2 pills) allergy medicine ( 1 1/2 pills)stomach problems (2 pills)and she is going strong!
Nearly 15 years young, she makes our lives richer, funnier, hopeful, puts everything into prospective.
Every day she wakes up is a good day, because she woke up again…
She is a gift from God, she is a treasure, she is a teacher (she teaches you what is important in life) As we Germans say, she is a “Lebenskuenstler”.
She was born on 6-21, beginning of summer. And a summer she is,vivid, vibrant, warm, sunny, a gentle summer breeze. She is giving us every day so much of love and life , that I even feel sorry for the man who wanted to put her down, how dark and lonely his life must be now.
We, Gerry and me, are the lucky ones, we have a treasure in her to cherish every day!

Bonnie and Clyde

Racing Name: JC’s Arabian Sea and Ja’s Gold Star
Parents Name: Annemarie and Wayne
Date of Adoption: 07/05/2008


Hi, my name is Clyde Zawislak and I’m 3 years old and I’m adopted. My sister, Bonnie is almost 5 and she’s adopted too. We can tell because we really don’t look anything like our parents although we both have brown eyes like our daddy Wayne. Anyway, this is our “tail”. Obviously, we are greyhounds and extremely good looking ones at that and we are former racers. In fact, we are part of the “panhandle rescue of July 2008”. My sister is very shy so she is going to let me tell the story. I’ll try not to bore you with too many details.

We can start when our trainer deserted us at the track and left us alone and frightened. Luckily, someone took pity on us and got us back to the farm. We knew we were on borrowed time there and all of us were just hoping to catch a break. Well it seems that our future parents had just lost our big brother after eight years and were very sad. Our savior Brigitte sent out an e-mail telling them all about Bonnie and I and the others who were in trouble. My Mom and Dad felt very badly for us but said that they just couldn’t adopt again. Fortunately for Bonnie and I, they couldn’t forget there were greys in trouble. They contacted Brigitte and the rest is history as they say. They picked out Bonnie and me from a list that Brigitte sent them. Why they picked us, I don’t know but we knew we were very lucky but we didn’t know how lucky until the fateful day when we actually met our new Mom and Dad.

I don’t know who was more excited us or them but from the very first moment we came in the house, Bonnie and I knew we had found IT, our forever home. Waiting for our arrival, there were brand new dishes and cushions and toys. Within minutes, we were given treats and hugs and kisses and lots of ear scratches (my favorite). We were pretty dirty from our trip so we had baths. Bonnie seems to like it but me not so much. But there were warm fluffy towels to dry us off and wonder of wonders, dinner was served. We didn’t know how to act with a separate dish for each of us so we ate from the first one and then walked together to the left three feet and ate from the other. How cool is that!

We then got to go outside and take a walk with the folks. It was fun and we met the neighbors and made some new friends. I have to admit that walking both of us together was quite a chore so Mom and Dad decided to get us a fence for our backyard. Now when we go outside, we can run around as much as we want but here’s the really great part we don’t have to run if we don’t want to. It didn’t take us long to get used to our new names (cutesy I know but the folks like them). Anyway, it took about a New York minute to know if we came when they called Bonnie & Clyde we were sure to get some kind of treat. Nobody says we can’t be taught, we even know where the treats are kept. Sometimes we don’t even have to do anything and treats appear.

Bonnie is kind of a diva and likes to have things her way. She’s decided that the guest bathroom is her own private sanctuary and goes there when she wants to be alone. I don’t think she likes the décor though because as soon as Mom and Dad leave the house, she takes the rugs off the floor and into the living room. I think the “rents” get frustrated but Mom finally decided Bonnie wasn’t being naughty, she was just redecorating. I have to admit though sometimes my sis and I get into mischief and make quite a mess when we’re home alone. I just don’t know what comes over us. Mom and Dad are sometimes a little angry but it never lasts long and before you know it they are laughing at some dopey thing we do. Don’t tell them but I think we have them wrapped around our paws.

Well, there is just one more thing I have to say. About two weeks after Bonnie & I moved in with Mom and Dad a terrible thing happened to me. I started to have very violent epileptic seizures. Mommy was so frightened and Daddy was so scared that I couldn’t be helped but they have been very patient with me and have worked with the doctors to help me get the right medicine. I don’t want them to be sad for me though because I think I’m the luckiest dog ever because I have someone to love me. I know that my sister, (by the way we aren’t blood relatives) Bonnie feels the same way. Funny thing though, yesterday my Mom said she was so lucky to have a sweet boy like me to care for. Silly me, I actually all misty eyed just knowing how much the parents love us. I wish all by greyhound friends and relatives can find “forever” homes too.

Clyde Zawislak


Racing Name: JC’s Sharp Shot
Parents Name: Dan and Lynda (Cape Coral)
Date of Adoption: 12-02-2005

Success Story: This is Raider
(photo with Dan)


Racing Name: BJ’s Lucious Legs
Parents Name: Ron & Kim
Date of Adoption: March 2007

Success Story: Hi,
My name is Riley- My Mommy says I am a very special boy because I am so good and want to please all the time and want to love my family so much, I cannot even tell you.
I share my Mom and Dad with my big brother, Blue and my sister, Lilly, who can swim in the pool and runs the house!
I was my Mommy’s Valentine present last year and she says, I am the best present she ever got !


Racing Name: To many to Fit
Parents Name: Many
Date of Adoption: 2007

Success Story: I don’t know how many people know that Joey’s Greyhound Friends do “Freedom Runs”, With the Couch Potato Express. Every year hundreds of dogs are sent out of state to fine new homes. The group of dogs you see in these pictures are on their way to new homes up north. IF YOU DON’T THINK THESE DOGS ARE HAPPY ……please look closer… What a WONDERFUL FEELING OF JOY IN THEIR HEARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Racing Name: Midnight Sugar
Parents Name: Honey and Bob
Date of Adoption:

Success Story: We are having a great time getting to know Safari. We
are taking it slow and learning her personality. She
is simply the best. Ken thank you so much for being
her foster dad. Brigitte, thank you for your work and
making this adoption happen. We appreciate both of you
so much. We thought you would enjoy these pictures.
Best wishes, Honey and Bob

Maximillian the Greyt

Racing Name: Smarty Grey
Parents Name: Robyn
Date of Adoption: 2003

Success Story: Hi Brigitte,

It’s me, Smarty Grey. I wanted to write to you to wish you a Happy New Year. I’m doing greyt. My birthday is next week, January 10 th. I will be 9 years old. Can you believe it? I’m still very handsome from what I hear. Thank you for the Christmas card. It was the only one that came to me. I must be special. It was a really nice picture of all your greys.

We’re having another snowstorm today and I really don’t like the snow very much. Sully and Dolly love to play in it, but I like the warm couch better.

Here is a picture of me this morning outside when it just started snowing. I always tilt my head to listen to mom when she talks to me. Don’t worry I have a nice coat, but I was in a hurry to get out so I’m not wearing it.

Thanks again for rescuing me. I wish I could see you, but know that I love you and that I’m so grateful to be in a home where I’m treated like a king.

Happy New Year to you and all my grey friends.

Love always,

Smarty Grey (Maximillian the Greyt)

Niles,Sailor,& Ginger

Racing Name: B’s Niles, JC’s Sailorman, & JC’s Ginger
Parents Name: Beau & Theresa Cauthen
Date of Adoption: 2005,2006,2008

Success Story: We wanted to thank you so much for helping us create our perfect family! Niles, Sailor, and Ginger are absolute joys to have around. They truly overflow our lives with delight, love, and affection. They fit in perfectly with our old man, Rusty, and the kitty cats. At the end of the day, we cannot wait to rush home to our family. There is nothing better after a rough day than a wet nose from Niles, a sloppy kiss from Sailor, and that million dollar smile from Ginger…usually all at once! They have bonded so well to each other while each keeping their unique qualities. Niles is our quiet, tall, dark, and handsome boy who eyeʼs will show you his soul. Sailor is our silly, playful boy who loves to run and play with toys. Ginger is the princess who is not afraid to get down and dirty with the boys. We are truly blessed to share our home with them. Thank you for all you have done and thank you for letting us be a part of Joeyʼs Greyhound Friends!

Beau and Theresa Cauthen


Racing Name: Mo’s Quiet Wish
Parents Name: Vicki
Date of Adoption: 2007

Success Story: Hi, remember me? I was formerly known as MoMo and I had to wait a real long time to find my perfect home-
My Mom is a saint-She saw me last picnic and fell in love with me, even though I have some psychological problems as my doggy shrink put it (my birth mom killed all my brothers and sisters and tried to kill me too, that is why I have this big scar on my face).She had to wait a little while before she could adopt me, but now I live the Royal Life of Leasure in North Port and have the best Mom in the world.


Racing Name: Kini
Parents Name: Laura
Date of Adoption: 2007

Success Story: Here is her story_ Kini was found as a stray, she found forever home with her former foster mom, Laura, who knows she is perfect and could not let her go.

Blue Boy

Racing Name: Airwolf
Parents Name: Ron & Kim
Date of Adoption: 2006

Success Story: We got a call from a wonderful lady in Tampa-she and her husband, Dr. Rodney, had a greyhound girl named Lilly they had gotten her when she was a puppy-She was now 2 1/2 years old and they felt, she needed another greyhound companion- They loved our website and approached us to find them a calm male, who is cat safe-
We found them “Blue Boy”, Racing name: Airwolf-


Racing Name: Jax Butterfingers
Parents Name: Brandi & Family
Date of Adoption: 2007

Success Story: Hi Brigitte
Thank you soo much for Butterfinger.
We love her soooo much, we don’t know what we would do without her.

Brandi & family


Racing Name: JC’ Iceworm
Parents Name: Jill and David
Date of Adoption: December 2007

Success Story: Brigitte,
Here are some pictures of Icy. He is the best dog in the world. We are thankful every minute he is with us. It seems as if he has been with the family for years. We cannot THANK YOU enough for allowing Icy to come into our lives. We look forward to many, many happy years with Icy in our lives.
David, Jill, Sarah and Kaitlyn Kane

Ray Ray

Racing Name: Ww Ray Lewis
Parents Name: Michelle and Gary
Date of Adoption: May 2008

Success Story: My name is Ray Lewis, but my Mom and Dad just call me Ray Ray. I wasen’t always treated nicely in the past, but through a very loving foster mom, and now my new Mom and Dad, I am coming out of my shell. My new family loves me very much and treat me kindly. I have my own bed, but rather share the big one with my Dad. My new family is so thankful to have me in their home and I am learning more and more how to adapt to things that are new and sometimes pretty scary. My parents show me a lot of patience and that always makes it easier to try new things, I can even sometimes be seen playing with my squeaky toys and tossing them around. Thank you so much for giving me a chance to love and to be loved in return. I now live a life of leisure.


Racing Name: GASP IN AWE
Parents Name: TERESA AND A.K
Date of Adoption: APRIL 2007

Success Story: Gasper was brought to our home after us falling in love with him at the greyhound picnic. He was meant to be a foster (yea, right) but quickly warmed his way into our hearts with his playfulness, affection and general
“joie de vivre”. he is by far the most outgoing grey we have ever met. He has helped Luke (his wrestling buddy) overcome his fear of basically everything and keeps us all laughing every day. Gasper is one in a million, and Miss Carmen certainly has been re-energized by his presence.


Parents Name: A.K. AND TERESA
Date of Adoption: JANUARY 2007

Success Story: Luke was the shyest, most scared greyhound we had ever met! We adopted him after loosing our boy Vincent unexpectedly to cancer, and wanting a new “boyfriend” for our older female, Miss Carmen. Luke spent the first few weeks in our home hiding in our bedroom and wouldn’t play with toys or sleep on the furniture, or venture outside to the backyard without coaxing. We responded with patience, love and more patience, and after several months have been rewarded with a loving, loyal, playful, intelligent beautiful boy! Luke is our special baby, he craves affection and has become my son’s best friend, sleeping on his bed and following him around the house. Luke was especially helped and supported by his best friend, Gasper….


Racing Name: Billy Big Bucks
Parents Name: Vicki
Date of Adoption: 2006

Success Story: Billy was a scared little boy, who sometimes would snap at kids or humans who came too close to his resting spot, aka dog bed (he was hurt in his previous home by a family member)
We thought we would have Billy for a long time, but he is so sweet tempered and a little shy, that it did not take too long for an angel named Vicki to come down from North Port and to fall in love with our Billy.

Now Billy is ” Sir Billy and loves retirement, Mom’s home cooking and the long walks with his brother, Duke. Sir Billy and Duke are both Special Needs Greyhounds due to their emotional scaring they carry and we at JGFs, Inc. are very grateful and happy that they both have found Mama Vicki and her undying love for these two special boys.


Date of Adoption: NOV. 07

Success Story: Our hearts were still sore from loosing our Dutch Boy! We wanted to “downsize” and decided to take a break from taking in oldies and special needs greyhounds for a while, loosing 3 in one year and loosing way too many greyhounds over the years just had taken a toll on our hearts. Well, we thought this was the deal but then a call came in from a friend, asking whether I saw the add in the paper, apperently there was a greyhound”Free to good home”.Needless to say, I felt connected to this dog before I even called. The family who had taken Andrew in 2 1/2 years earlier was moving to TN and couldn’t take him with them. Saturday after Thanksgiving I went to meet them and to bring Andrew into our family and home. Just a look into his so very special eyes told me that we are in for a special treat, sharing our lives from now on with this most perfect greyhound in the world! Andrew walked into our house and into our hearts, being welcomed by everybody and returning our love multiple times over. He is stunning! Very dramatic looking and very very loving and obidient and playful and happy and goofy and a snuggle bunny, a dream of a greyhound!I could burst with happiness that we were permitted to meet him and share our lives with him!

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