Joey’s Greyhound Friends, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt, 501(C)(3) organization that is managed by a Board of Directors. The organization is public and supported by donations only.

Placing greyhounds into responsible and loving homes is the primary mission of Joey’s Greyhound Friends, Inc. We do this by utilizing foster homes since we do not have an adoption kennel. We also organize adoption trips to well established and reputable groups out of state.

 Joey’s Greyhound Friends Inc. works extremely hard towards our ultimate goal to save all surrounded by love and retired greyhounds in our area. Joey’s Greyhound Friends, Inc. pledges to help any greyhound in need, no matter their age, origin, health, sex, color, etc.

We specialize in finding groups and caring individuals who are willing to 
open their hearts and img_igiveimg_fbhomes to old brood mamas and stud dogs, who deserve to live out their remaining lives in the greyhound is refused and all are treated comfort of soft and warm beds, kindness.

Regardless of their previous history or present circumstances, no needy with love and respect that we all deserve.img_paypal_button