A Senior Greyhound Assisted Living and Foster Home Project through Joey’Greyhound Friends, Inc. The Grey Haven Project was created as a way to inform potential adopters about one of our secrets…


If you are looking to add to your family, please consider opening your heart and home to one of our special Mama girls or Stud muffins or any other senior greyhound whom we were honored to have saved and taken in. Our special love goes to the brood mamas who have given their lives and love to so many greyhound puppies – when others retired when their racing career was over, these mama girls were sent to farms to be used for breeding, some of them had way over 40 puppies.

For them to now receive instead of giving, is our biggest reward and joy. A deep felt pledge goes to the “Forgotten Greys” , also called Stud muffins. These old boys sit day in and day out on farms, in small crates or in separate runs, with nothing to do or no life of their own. While the word is slowly getting around about the mama girls, the studs are still lingering without a lobby behind them. They too, have rotten teeth, itchy skin, they too, have arthritis, laying on small carpets or paper, they have no toys, no good food, no supplements, soft beds, warm coats.

If you cannot adopt or foster a senior greyhound, we understand. However, would you consider becoming a sponsor for one of them? Can you imagine that – thanks to your sponsorship – they will feel clean for the first time in many years, no more fleas or ticks driving them crazy, no more parasites having a feast in their bodies, they will lay on soft beds and their old bones will be cushioned and supported. They will now have toys to play with and to sleep with and they will taste the delicious taste of treats. They will eat with clean teeth and a mouth that does not hurt any longer. They will have supplements and pain meds if needed. They will drive around in cars and will see that there is a world out there, besides the tracks and the farms.

And all the other, not wanted, seniors, we come across-the strays, the foreclosure greys, the left behind ones. They do not understand why they suddenly do not have a home anymore – they do not recall having done anything wrong, but now they are discarded. But if you are willing to sponsor them, we can provide them with the care and love they so desperately need and deserve.

We accept any amount of donation or sponsor ship for any of our seniors or medically challenged greys. Maybe you can enter into a sponsor ship with other family members, co workers, friends, clubs, etc. Sponsorship also make great gifts for the animal lover in your life. Remember, Joey’s Greyhound Friends, Inc. is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for taking the time to think about our senior greyhounds!