adoptables_1So you think a greyhound might be the perfect addition to your family? Did you felt your heart skip a beat when you looked into the eyes of our greyhounds? If you are already sharing your life with a greyhound, no more words are needed, after all, they are like potato chips-you cannot stop after only one.

However if you are not owned by a greyhound yet, please check out our website (FACTS and Info) about life with a 43 mph couch potato.

Please know, we are always here for you to answer any question you might have, the knowledge we can pass on to you is given to us by the greyhounds who taught us for years what life is all about.

The adoption process is as follows:

After the initial contact, either by you meeting our greys at our M&Gs (Meet & Greets) or by you contacting us via phone or e-mails, we want to talk with you what life with a greyhound is all about. It is our goal to make you understand the unique personalities greyhounds possess and for you to have realistic expectations.

JGF’s Inc. will not adopt greyhounds to families and individuals with children under the age of 6. We require that you have a fenced in yard – exceptions can be made on an individual basis, depending on the personality of the greyhound and the circumstances.

After we receive your application we will conduct a home visit. All our available greyhounds are being fostered by individuals and families. This way our greyhounds get accustomed to life in a home setting- They get introduced to car rides, sliders, pools, living with older kids, cats and other greyhounds or other dogs (Greyhounds are pack animals and we believe that app. 75% of our greyhounds truly enjoy and need the companionship of other greyhounds). We feel that a minimum of 3 weeks is necessary for a greyhound to start coming into his own- but we will keep our greyhounds as long as it takes to find the most perfect home for him/her.


Our adoption fee for each greyhound is $ 200.00 or $ 125.00 for a senior, age 7 and older. The fee helps us defray the vet costs and upkeep for each greyhound. All our greyhounds are spayed/neutered, have an ultrasonic dental cleaning, receive 3 year vaccinations (Rabies, DHLPP) have a heartworm test and a fecal test done, they all are dewormed and are on HW preventative and flea preventative while in foster care. We also adopt our greyhounds out with a beautiful martingale collar and 6ft. leash and a name tag.

Greyhounds make great companions. They are sweet and loving and can bring years of joy to your life. The life expectancy of greyhounds is between 12-14 years and we urge you to make sure that you are committed for years, emotionally, physically and also financially before you welcome a greyhound into your life.

Remember, we are always here for you and love talking about greyhounds.
Contact us at:
Phone: # 239- 574-3319 or # 239-281-1069